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Sunday, 12 November 2017 17:10


Northern Hamster Club

A.G.M. Agenda 04/11/2017 at Brockholes Show Venue – Start 11.15am

Present: Cat Bambrook (CB), Louise Raymundo (LR), Laura Lovatt (LL), Lynne Blair (LB), Anastasia Blair (AB), Iain Blair (IB), Sheryl Lucas (SL), Victoria Holt (VH), Ann Dray (AD), Sue Washbrook (SW), Sonya Bedford (SB), Danielle Bedford (DB)*, Tommy Whittaker (TW)*  [*Junior]


Apologies: David Workman (DW), Anita Workman (AW)


Minutes of 2016 read and accepted – Yes – Unanimous


Matter Arising – update of Constitution still not complete but being undertaken by AW, LB, AB and CB so should be completed in the near future.


Chairperson’s Address – no written report but DW advised SL verbally that the year had been uneventful and therefore he hasn’t had much to do.


Secretary’s Report/PRO

Currently the membership stands at 37 paperless, 14 paper, and 10 affiliates. This is down slightly on last year, hopefully though it will pick up again soon! We are trying to attract members at shows, especially some of the outdoor shows where attendance is poor.

The amount of emails to the club is about the same as last year, I have yet to receive any correspondence by post. Usually people want to know about breeders in their area, which is annoying when that is listed on the website. If you have been a member for over a year and do show, and want you details on the website please do contact me so this can be sorted! There is work on the website I meant to do throughout this year which I have not done, I am sorry to say. It has been a bit of a hectic year here with lots of changes. I hope to manage more next year…if baby Workman allows!

Show Manager/Judge Training Manager Report

Taking over the role of Show Manager has proved quite difficult at times due to lack of contact information, especially when trying to arrange the outdoor shows.  To add to the difficulties of arranging these shows, we had a change of venue for North Yorkshire County Show (NYCS) and a change of show organiser at Emley to contend with!  Organising the shows therefore took quite a lot of time and effort but hopefully the groundwork of 2017 will mean an easier time in 2018.

During in 2017 it has also been difficult to arrange Judges, especially for the Dwarf section.  Low exhibitor entries within the Dwarf section also means that we have been unable to progress any Judge training this year with only adds to the problem.  On the up side, Victoria Holt has managed to progress her Syrian Judge Training and should qualify in December.

2018 outdoor show dates have already been confirmed and all fall on the same weekend of the applicable month as in 2017.  It is imperative that we have good support at these shows, especially those far afield such as NYCS.  It is also imperative that the indoor shows do not clash with Southern & Midland shows as we need to encourage Affiliate members to attend our shows as often as possible to increase show entries and Judge availability.

It would appear that we will lose 2 show venues next year as it is not practical to run a show at Topcliffe in April and Emma Collins has confirmed that Paul and Emma’s Mum will not be available to run the kitchen at Burnley so that show will also most likely need to be cancelled in 2018.  This is something we need to discuss as part of the AGM later today as ideally we need 2 new venues.

Thanks to everyone who has ‘mucked in’ and assisted at shows in 2017.

Treasurer’s Report

Finalised balance at 31/10/16: £4,628.95 (from 2016 Treasurer’s report)

Balance at 31/10/17:

  • Bank Account: £4,370.26
  • Paypal: £24.38
  • Cash: £92.91
  • Total: £4,487.55


  • Income from shows: £1,222.58
  • Memberships: £460
  • Donation hamsters: £20


  • Show costs: £980.40
  • NHC Affiliation fees (including back-payment from last year): £271.50
  • NHC Insurance (including back-payment from last year): £154.19
  • Trophies, prizes and rosettes: £269.49
  • Paypal fees: £21.40
  • Other outgoings: £147

Total: -£141.40

We are £141.40 down from the end of October last year. However, this year we paid the NHC £178 extra for affiliation fees from March to October 2016, and £74.10 for the club’s share of the 2016 insurance cost, as the invoices for these were only received in November 2016. This means we are £110.70 up from where we should have been last October.

Moving bank accounts has finally occurred, slowed down in part due to my moving 200 miles back up north and starting a new job.

There was £20 paid this year for donation hamsters, so this money will be paid to the chosen charity as soon as possible.


Trophy Manager’s Report

The rosette stocks ran quite low during the year and I had to order some of everything to keep us in stock. I have had very few donations of used rosettes for recycling this year. It is however still a great saving for the club as rosettes can be expensive so any returned are gratefully received though I do realise there are precious to the winners. I feel I can continue to secure really nice quality rosettes at a good price when ordered alongside the dog club ones and hope the members agree.

Last years annual awards seemed to be well received and I hope everyone liked their personalised bags.

The large Trophies given by Sue Kilburn were presented to Tristar (Adult) and Tommy Whitaker (Junior) who were the winners of the most BIS and BOS at the Christmas show.

I am happy to continue in the role of Trophy Manager should I be elected.

Annual Awards


The following members / associate members are eligible for annual awards 8 adults and 3 Juniors subject to a check on attendance at 4 qualifying shows and Membership.

Tristar Hams

Starlight Hams

Brambleberries Hamstery

North Star Hams

Roma Hamstery

Twilight Hams

Peerie Critter Hamstery

Nooboo Hams

Tickertyboo Hamstery

Tommy Whitaker

Emily Thompson


Officer Nominations 2017

Chairperson -

I nominate David Workman for Chairman

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: VH

For: All

Against: 0


Vice-Chairperson   -

I nominate Sheryl Lucas for Vice-Chairperson

Proposed: DW                         Seconded:  CB

For: All

Against: 0


Treasurer   -

I nominate Cat Bambrook for Treasurer

Proposed: SL                           Seconded:  AW

For: All

Against: 0


Secretary   -

I nominate Anita Workman for Secretary

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LB

For: All

Against: 0


Show Manager -

I nominate Sheryl Lucas for Show Manager

Proposed: AW                         Seconded: CB

For: All

Against: 0


Livestock/Welfare Manager   -

I nominate Laura Lovatt for Livestock/Welfare Manager

Proposed: SL                           Seconded:  AW

For: All

Against: 0



Trophy Manager –

I nominate Lynne Blair for Trophy Manager

Proposed: AW                         Seconded: DW

For: All

Against: 0


Public Relations Officer –

I nominate Anita Workman for PRO

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: CB

For: All

Against: 0


Committee Members (Block Nomination)

Anastasia Blair

Victoria Holt

Louise Raymundo

Ann Dray

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LL

For: All

Against: 0


Young Adult Committee – no nominees


Junior Committee

Tommy Whittaker

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LB

For: All

Against: 0


NHC Delegates – to remain the same:

Sheryl Lucas, Cat Bambrook, Victoria Holt. Reserve – Laura Lovatt

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LB

For: All

Against: 0


NHC Standards Delegates – to remain the same:

Sheryl Lucas, Dave Workman, Anita Workman. Reserve – Victoria Holt & Cat Bambrook

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LB

For: All

Against: 0


Judge Training

Syrian – AB and LL to liaise with SL to arrange training schedule. No new applicants

Dwarf – LB and CB to liaise with SL to arrange training schedule. No new applicants (note – min entry size makes Northern training difficult.  CB to commence training at Lymm in March 2018)


2018 Show Venues

Topcliffe and Burnley to be dropped from show list.  Lymm July show to be moved to October and no show in July.  LL and VH will look for a new venue for April but we may have  to miss out an April show in 2018 if a suitable venue is not found


Membership Fees

I propose that the Northern Hamster Club set fees in line with those of Midland and Southern.

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LB

For: All

Against: 0


Christmas Show Budget

I propose that the Christmas show lunch will be fish & chips.  An allowance of £5 per membership to be paid by the Club.


Proposed: SL                           Seconded: LB

For: All

Against: 0

Year End Trophy – see Proposals

Donation Charity Selection

Only £20 has been collected this year so it was agreed we would hold over the money and donate in 2018.

Proposed: SL                           Seconded: CB

For: All

Against: 0

AGM Proposals 2017


I propose that the Show Manager brings to the discussion, the feasibility of holding a show nearer to Scotland (i.e. Penrith, Carlisle or Gretna) to try to attract more Scottish members to attend future shows

Proposed: MD                                     Seconded JO

For: All

Against: 0

Action: SL to speak to proposer regarding feasibility of a show.  Concerns regarding cost, venue and members willingness to attend a show in the far north were raised.


I propose that the club moved to accepting cash or paypal only for membership/affiliation. Especially now E-Cheques can be made via paypal.

Proposed: AW                                     Seconded CB

For: 0

Against: 9

Abstentions: 3




I propose that we change BOS to RBIS to be in line with the other two national Hamster Council affiliated clubs.

Proposed: SL                                       Seconded LB

For: All

Against: 0

(note – this will come into being at the first show in 2018)


I propose that the end of year awards are withdrawn.

Proposed: SL                                       Seconded LB

For: 5

Against: 6


Year End Trophy

I propose that the allowance for this award remains at £15 per membership.

Proposed: SL                                       Seconded LB

For: All

Against: 0

(Note – ideas to LB by 11/11/2017.  Discussions regarding the award suggested the favoured item would be a notebook and/or diary).



I propose that the Club order new Officer/Judge badges.

Proposed: SL                                       Seconded: AW

For: All

Against: 0

(Note- SL to investigate cost of replacement of the same badges as previously bought as she still has the artwork)


Any Other Business

SL to speak to Barry Kilburn and ask him to bring the ‘Tombola’ stock items he has to the Mapplewell show to hand over to VH.


AB to look at redesigning club place cards.


Date of next A.G.M.

10th November 2018


Meeting closed at 14.40



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