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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 17:03

Northern Hamster Club AGM – 10th November, 2016



  • Apologies
  • Attendees
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Officer Reports
  • Election of Officers
  • Election of Committee – Adult/Young Adult/Junior
  • Judge Training
  • Show Venues
  • Membership Fees
  • NHC Delegates
  • NHC Standards Delegates
  • Christmas Food - Budget
  • Year End Trophies – Budget
  • Donation Charity Selection
  • Proposals
  • Any Other Business

Meeting Opened 11:50

Apologies: Anastasia Blair, Antonia Krzyworaczka

Attendees: Anita Workman (AW); Sheryl Lucas (SL); Dave Workman (DW); Jean Tye (JT – book Steward); Carol Leat (CL- Pen Steward); Anne Dray (AD – Judging); Victoria Holt (VH); Amy Van Boolen (AVB- Book Steward); Cat Bambrook (CB); Nicole Philpot (NP); Lynne Blair (LB); Laura Lovatt (LL); Andrew Bryan (AB); Louise Raymundo (LR); Margaret Donnolly (MD); Julie Osmond (JO);

Matters Arising: Laura Speight and Teresa Linford both no longer members so were removed from the committee part way through the year.

The untimely loss of Sue Kilburn, a valued part of the club. Her loss strongly felt at times such as this. A moment of reflection was observed.

Officer Reports:

Chairperson / Livestock Manager Report

It’s been a year of mixed emotions!  The Club has run smoothly; we have managed to start some Judge training and although numbers have been down there has been good attendance at both indoor and outdoor shows.

Of course, the very sad time came when we learned of Sue Kilburn’s passing which was both untimely and unexpected.  I have felt quite lost over the past couple of months without her.  She was always there to run ideas past or check constitutional rules, all in all a great sounding board, friend and a the ‘Mother’ of the Northern Hamster Club.  We must also now consider whether we wish to continue with the Tombola at future shows or whether we discontinue this.

Sue’s role as Show Manager also needs to be filled.  This is a vital role within the Club and I feel the responsibility should be mine to take up this position.  As most of you know I have been assisting Sue in her role as Show Manager for some time and so to me it makes sense for me to step into her shoes.

I don’t feel that this role sits well with my current role as Chairperson and so I am stepping down and have proposed a replacement who I feel is well suited to the arbitrary role that a Chairperson should undertake.

Thank you to you all for your past support and I hope I can count on your vote when my nomination for Show Manager comes up for a vote later in the meeting.  For now, I would like to propose David Workman for the role of Chairperson and having already discussed this with her, I know that Victoria Holt will ‘second’ my nomination… (vote to follow)

Sheryl Lucas – (exiting) Chairperson.

I will also be giving up the role of Livestock Manager to Laura Lovatt, I hope you will all be as respectful to her as you have been for me.

Treasurers Report

Finalised balance at 21/11/15: £3,845.65 (from 2015 Treasurer’s report)

Balance at 31/10/16:

  • Bank Account: £3,539.24
  • Paypal: £356.14
  • Cash: £733.57
  • Total: £4,628.95


  • Memberships: £670
  • Profit from shows: £49.38
  • Dry goods sales: £28
  • Raffles and tombolas: £28
  • Other income: £35


  • NHC Affiliation fees: £59.55
  • NHC Insurance: £73.15
  • Paypal fees: 26.91
  • Trophies, prizes and rosettes: £199.44
  • Other outgoings: £89.52

Total: £361.81

Hamster donations: £82

Due to the resignation of Teresa as Treasurer late last year, I came to the position after our “financial” year had started, and there are a few small discrepancies between our two accounts – these can mostly be attributed to an overlap in the two accounting periods, although I believe there was also some cash handed to the club, from the tombola and raffles that Sue Kilburn did, that did not make it on to either of our records.

Of note, the club has not yet received any invoices from the NHC since March this year, so there is approximately £190 owed to the NHC for affiliation fees and insurance payments. However, even taking this in to account, the club has still made a profit this year.

We are currently in the process of changing bank accounts, which is taking longer than anticipated. Because of this, the club has a larger amount of cash than really desirable to hand. The majority of this cash will be banked as soon as the bank account change has taken place.

There was £82 paid this year for donation hamsters, so this money will be paid to the chosen charity as soon as possible.

Trophy Manager Report

The past year has been a routine year in terms of rosettes.  I have had a sufficient numbers of donations of used rosettes for recycling although fewer from the outdoor shows as they have seemingly cut down on these probably due to cost cutting. It is however still a great saving for the club as rosettes can be expensive. In September I did have to order more Junior BIS & BOS but as these were ordered with my dog clubs rosettes I was able to secure them at a lower cost and also half the postage. We have a good number in stock for the coming year.

Last years annual awards seemed to be well received and I hope everyone liked their glass plaques.

I was given a large Trophy by Sue Kilburn shortly before she passed away. I would like to propose that this is presented annually to the member winning the most BIS and BOS awards during the year and rebadged as the Sue Kilburn Memorial Trophy. I also have several Trophies which would be suitable as a similar Junior award. I would be willing to administer this.

Annual Awards 2016

The following members / associate members are eligible for annual awards 8 adults and 2 Juniors

Tristar Hams, Cabbage Patch Hamstery, Brambleberries Hamstery, Twilight Hamstery, North Star Hams, Roma Hamstery, Scorpio Syrians, Lilliput Hamstery, Evie Rutherford (Steel City Hams), Tommy Whitaker.

Lynne Blair – Trophy Manager

Show Manager

SL (verbal)I will be taking on the role as long as I am elected. Shows for 2017 are likely to be similar to those this year.

Secretary Report/PRO Report

Currently the membership stands at 42 paperless, 22 paper, and 10 affiliates. This is slightly up on last year, and the increase in paperless memberships is very welcome! We are trying to attract members at shows, especially at some of the outdoor shows where attendance is poor.

The amount of emails to the club is about the same as last year, I have yet to receive any correspondence by post. Usually people want to know about breeders in their area, which is annoying when that is listed on the website. There is work on the website I meant to do throughout this year which I have not done, I am sorry to say. It has been a bit of a rough year here and I hope to make progress next year.

Election of Officers

Due to changes this year certain officer roles require formal recognition, and a few require changes. All roles will be up again next year.

Chairperson : David Workman                     prop.  SL       Sec.   VH

Vice-Chairperson:  Sheryl Lucas           prop.  DW       Sec.   CB

Treasurer: Cat Bambrook                         prop.  SL       Sec.   AW

Secretary: Anita Workman                    prop.   SL      Sec.   VH

Livestock/Welfare Manager: Laura Lovatt    prop. SL        Sec.   AW

Show Manager: Sheryl Lucas                      prop. AW        Sec.   VH

All officer positions voted in Unanimously.

Election on Committee

Proposed members are as follows:-

Victoria Holt                                 prop. AW        Sec.  SL

Nicole Philpot                              prop.  LB       Sec.   CB

Anastasia Blair                             prop.   AW      Sec.  SL

Amy Van Boolen                            prop. LB        Sec.   SL

All committee members voted in unanimously.

Junior Committee

Tommy Whitaker proposed.

Proposed: LB             Seconded:       VH      Vote: Unanimous


Young Adult Committee - No candidates at this time

Membership Fees

I propose that Northern Hamster Club membership fees remain the same as at present i.e. Paper £15 and Paperless (Electronic) £10, in line with the other clubs.

Proposed: SL               Seconded:       AW        Vote: Unanimous


NHC Delegates to change to Sheryl Lucas, Cat Bambrook and Victoria Holt. With Laura Lovatt, as reserve.

Proposed: DW              Seconded:       SL      Vote: Unanimous


NHC Standards Delegates to remain the same – SL, AW, DW

Proposed: SL              Seconded: CB              Vote: Unanimous


Judge Training

Training of those who asked for training last year is ongoing. It is a slow process but progress is being made.

For Syrian training there is: Victoria Holt, Laura Lovatt, Anastasia Blair. Victoria is near to starting her first observed judging, and Laura will start her official book stewardings when and where she can, given her role as Livestock manager.

For Dwarf training there is Lynne Blair, Amy Van Boolen, Cat Bambrook.

Christmas Buffet/Lunch Budget – I propose that the Christmas show lunch will be fish and chips, with an allowance of £5 per membership.

Proposed: JT              Seconded: SL              Vote: Unanimous

Note: Members can bring along other bits for an ‘elevenses’ buffet or for desert things. Please liaise with show secretary for the show.

Year End Trophies

I propose that a budget of £15 be set for the End of Year award.

Proposed: DW             Seconded: LB                       Vote: Unanimous


Donation Charity

The different charities were written down and put into a hat, drawn after the raffle. The winning charity was the Barnsley Animal Rescue.


After much discussion, two proposals to help tidy up sloppy wording of the constitution were withdrawn in favour of this proposal.

I propose that executive committee review the constitution and amend it as appropriate as agreed by majority consensus over the course of the year.

Proposed: SL              Seconded: LB                        Vote: 11 for, 0 against, 3 abstentions.  Passed.


I propose that the current classes for showing are re-evaluated to help ensure that each class has a reasonable amount of entries.


Proposed:        CB                   Seconded        LB               Vote: Unanimous


Any Other Business

Trophies for top BIS/BISJ

I propose to make use of two trophies the club already has by handing them out to the top BIS and BISJ winners at the Christmas show (those who won the most BIS/BISJ that year).

Proposed: LB               Seconded: AW                        Vote: 15 for, 1 against. Passed.


Following on from the proposal on show classes, I propose that the LH White class is to be removed and a Rex class added in.


Proposed:        VH                  Seconded        SL               Vote: Unanimous

I propose that straight classes where there are fewer than four entries for at least half of the showing year are reviewed at the AGM.

Proposed: AB               Seconded: DW                        Vote: Unanimous


Discussion on what to do about the tombola and raffle resulted in the consensus that a raffle would be held at indoor shows, and tombola at outdoor shows. Victoria Holt is to liaise with Sheryl Lucas to help arrange this. The club thank Victoria for volunteering to help out with both. The situation will be re-evaluated at the end of the showing season.


Meeting closed 13:45 with an agreement to meet again next November.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15th November 2016



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