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Sunday, 15 November 2015 22:56

Northern Hamster Club AGM – 7th November, 2015



  • Apologies
  • Attendees
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Officer Reports
  • Election of Officers
  • Election of Committee – Adult/Young Adult/Junior
  • Judge Training
  • Membership Fees
  • NHC Delegates
  • NHC Standards Delegates – Sheryl Lucas, Anita Workman, David Workman
  • Christmas Food - Budget
  • Year End Trophies – Budget
  • Proposals
  • Any Other Business

Meeting Opened 11:50

Apologies: Teresa Linford, Anastasia Blair, Sue Cameron, Fiona Cameron

Attendees: Anita Workman (AW); Sheryl Lucas (SL); Dave Workman (DW); Sue Kilburn (SK); Jean Tye (JT – Judging); Carol Leat (CL- Book steward); Sue Washbrook (SW – Judging); Pedro Machado (PM- Book steward); Victoria Holt (VH – Pen steward); Amy Van Boolen (AVB); Cat Bambrook (CB); Laura Speight (LS); Nicole Kaye (NK); Lynne Blair (LB); Laura Lovatt (LL); Chris Burton (CBur – Show sec); Antonia Krzyworaczka (AK); Ali Burton (AB – late arrival)

Matters Arising: Members badges, now in AOB

Officer Reports:

Chairperson / Livestock Manager Report

SL (Verbal)- Things are going well this year. We have had fewer hamster entries in the shows, which is sad to see, but hopefully numbers will pick up. The biggest issue currently is the lack of show pens. With no new show pens being made members have no alternative than to hire pens. This is problematic as there is often double the amount of hire requests than there are hire pens. Otherwise it has been a good year.

The online booking in Google spreadsheet is continuing to work well, though care must be taken when filling it in. There has been an occasion where the sheet ordering has been tampered with greatly. May I remind members to read the rehoming and welfare rules thoroughly and follow them. Re-homing paperwork must include a pedigree/birth certificate showing the animals own date of birth, description and sex along with details of (at least) parents and grand-parents. The pedigree/birth certificate should also include the name of the vendor and their contact details. In addition the NHC Re-homing form must be completed and given to the Livestock Manager, along with the pedigree/birth certificate on the day of the show. Please do remember that Welfare is for all animals at a show that are not booked into the show itself (main show or pets class) or into rehoming.

The sale of livestock has been greatly assisted by the sale of hamster paraphernalia at the shows. The Club extends its thanks to Laura Lovatt for all the great work she has done with the sales, and to Victoria Holt for assisting her with this. LL has expressed an interest in taking over livestock at the next AGM, which I would be happy to see.

As is always the case, the Club needs volunteers to act as Show Secretary and Judges for the next year’s shows, so please speak to Sue or myself if you are willing to assist.

Treasurers Report

Full report will follow. The statement for September showed a balance of £3207 with some monies still to be attributed to the 14/15 year. When finalised there should be more than this, even with an outstanding payment for rosettes to be debited.

[added 21.11.15] Please see below the Northern Hamster Club account position to today, 21.11.15

Account Balance at 30.10.15 (statement 223) £4,011.95
Paypal Balance at 21.11.15 £10.78
Cash held by Sue Kilburn (tombola/postage) £6.73
Subtotal £4,029.46
Cheques written, not presented:
No: 833 Rosettes/year end awards refund to T Linford -£155.01
No: 832 NHC Journals to NHC Oct/Nov+Xmas message -£28.80
Finalised balance at 21.11.15 £3,845.65

Trophy Manager Report

Again this year I have had a large number of donations of used rosettes which I have been able to recycle. This is a great saving for the club as rosettes can be expensive. I have also managed to rebadge extra rosettes given to us at the summer shows for use. In September I did have to order more BIS & BOS but as these were ordered with my dog clubs rosettes I was able to secure them at a lower cost and also half the postage. This should see us through the next year at least.


Last year’s annual awards seemed to be well received. I am currently storing the Club Trophies safely as these are of historic value to the club. If anyone would like me to bring them to see I could try and arrange this.

Show Manager/Secretary Report

SK - (verbal report) Membership currently at 34 Paperless, 20 Paper with several outstanding, we are then a little down from this time last year but not dramatically.  Online membership is still proving popular to both new and existing members, as too is the use of PayPal for payment of either type of membership.

The shows for 2016 should be similar to this year, dates will be given as and when they become available.

PRO Report

AW – (verbal report) -  Not much to report from a PRO point of view. Facebook page for Northern is continuing to do well. The events listings for the show have been useful to get information about shows to those wanting to attend, for both members and non-members alike. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the page. One highlight for the year was a radio interview, a rather last minute affair but it seemed to go well. I am hoping to add more content to the Northern webpage, if members could please send in reviews of their favourite hamster related items it would be most appreciated!

Emails coming in to the club are being answered, though it continues to be mostly requests for nearby breeders. Along with lower numbers showing, we seem to have lower numbers of those with litters to forward these people to. If you do have a litter, do let me know so I can forward enquiries onto you.

[non official Webmaster Report] Site doing well, increased numbers viewing the site this year on a month by month basis. No faults have been reported. Online entry system and the Google doc for re-homing/welfare are both operating fine.

Election of Officers

Chairperson : Sheryl Lucas                     prop.  SK       Sec.   AW

Vice-Chairperson: Teresa Linford           prop.  SL       Sec.   AW

Treasurer: Teresa Linford                          prop.  LB       Sec.   SK

Secretary/ Show Manager: Sue Kilburn     prop.   SL      Sec.   TL

Livestock/Welfare Manager: Sheryl Lucas    prop. AW        Sec.   CB

Trophy Manager: Lynne Blair                      prop. TL        Sec.   SC

PRO: Anita Workman                                 prop.   SL      Sec.   CB

All officer positions voted in Unanimously.

Election on Committee

Proposed members are as follows:-

Laura Lovatt                                prop. SL        Sec. SK

Victoria Holt                                 prop. AW        Sec.  SK

Laura Speight                                prop.  SL       Sec.  AW

Cat Bambrook                              prop.  AW       Sec.   SL

Anastasia Blair                             prop.   TL      Sec.  SK

Dave Workman                            prop. SL        Sec.   CB

All committee members voted in unanimously.

Junior Committee

Lilly Warrington proposed.


Proposed: LB             Seconded:       SK      Vote: Unanimous


Young Adult Committee - No candidates at this time

Membership Fees

I propose that Northern Hamster Club membership fees remain the same as at present i.e. Paper £15 and Paperless (Electronic) £10.

Proposed: SL               Seconded:       SK        Vote: Unanimous


NHC Delegates to change to Sheryl Lucas, Cat Bambrook and Teresa Linford. With Laura Lovatt, Victoria Holt, and Laura Speight as reserves.


Proposed: SK              Seconded:       AW      Vote: Unanimous


NHC Standards Delegates to remain the same – SL, AW, DW


Proposed: SK              Seconded: CB              Vote: Unanimous


Judge Training

Many members have come forward to ask to start judge training which is lovely to see. They will be put through their training in the order in which they asked.

For Syrian training there is: Victoria Holt, Laura Lovatt, Anastasia Blair, Pedro Machado.

For Dwarf training there is Lynne Blair, Amy Van Boolen, Cat Bambrook, Laura Speight.

These members will now start completing their three pen stewardings and three book stewardings before undertaking their first judging.

Christmas Buffet/Lunch Budget – I propose that the Christmas show lunch will be fish and chips, with an allowance of £5 per membership.

Proposed: AW              Seconded: SK              Vote: Unanimous


Note: Members can bring along other bits for an ‘elevenses’ buffet or for desert things. Please liaise with show secretary for the show.


Year End Trophies

I propose that a budget of £15 be set for the End of Year award.

Proposed: SL             Seconded: SK                       Vote: Unanimous



I propose a change to the wording of Section 9 of the Constitution of the Northern Hamster Club to update the roles of the Trophy Manager

Trophy Manager

a) The Trophy Manger will be responsible for arranging the awards, in whatever form the Committee and membership deem appropriate, for all “NORTHERN” shows. For normal shows these will be in the form of rosettes and prize cards. The cards will be printed by the holder of the Northern Printer unless it is requested that the Trophy manager prints these at cost. The Trophy manager will ensure these are available in good time for each show regardless of whether they are attending or not.

b) The Trophy Manager will arrange safe storage for any trophies belonging to the “NORTHERN” that are not in use.

c) If the “NORTHERN” committee and membership chooses to award annual awards in some form, as decided at the AGM, the Trophy Manager will be responsible for all decisions regarding individual prizes subject to the member’s decisions regarding timing, frequency and budget. The Trophy manager will give due consideration to members suggestions on award type, however the final decision rests with the Trophy Manager.

d) The Trophy manager will announce the awards at shows. Should they not be in attendance then the awards will be announced by another committee member.

e) The Trophy Manager will arrange choosing and ordering of all awards, including pet classes, and the monies will be reimbursed by the Treasurer on presentation of the invoices or invoices will be paid by direct payment via the “NORTHERN” account.

Proposed: LB              Seconded: TL                        Vote: Unanimous

I propose that revenue received from ‘Donation’ hamster re-homing is given to a Charity, chosen by way of an annual ‘lucky dip’ from charitable organisations nominated by Northern Hamster Club Members; the Charity to be chosen each year at the A.G.M.

Proposed: SL               Seconded: AW                        Vote: Unanimous


I propose that we rename section 5 to include a 5.1 (with the current section 5 text) and introduce a section 5.2 to include the information required for distance selling (e.g. Memberships bought over the internet using paypal). The section would now read



5.1 Subscription rates will be set by the AGM. All subscriptions shall be renewed annually from the month of application. Any person or persons who allow their subscriptions to lapse shall automatically forfeit all rights afforded to “NORTHERN” members and shall be expected to return immediately any challenge trophies or other “NORTHERN” property in their possession.

5.2 You have the right to cancel your subscription/membership within 14 days of your payment being taken. This can be done by contacting the “NORTHERN” Secretary.

Proposed: DW               Seconded: SL                        Vote: Unanimous


I propose to change the age for rehoming (sales) 5 weeks to 3 months (calendar), so that the hamsters bought can truly still be considered young animals.

Proposed: SL               Seconded: SK                        Vote: For: 8         Against: 0       Abstentions:3



Any Other Business

Member Badges

Badges were suggested last year to help the public identify who is actually a club member and actively helping run the show. This is to help them know who to ask questions to, and to help reinforce what members say (i.e. don’t stick your finger in there!). This would be of great help at outdoor shows.

It was proposed that badges be made for the purpose of informing the public of who is a member helping out at the show. SL has offered to produce prototypes at the Christmas show for the committee to review. The Committee will then make a decision on how to proceed.

Proposed: SL               Seconded: SK                        Vote: Unanimous


As part of adding more content to the Northern Website, I propose that the Northern Hamster Club sets up an Amazon affiliate account.

Proposed: AW               Seconded: SL                       Vote: Unanimous


SL has volunteered to look through the constitution for spelling/grammatical errors.

Meeting closed 13:20 with an agreement to meet again next November.

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